This is year two of the Exxxpense Report, which means that I have some data to compare. Was 2015 more expensive than 2014? You’ll get to look at spread sheets to find out…

Turns out it’s a little unfair to compare 2014 and 2015. It was the dawn of a new console generation, and I was trying to build up a new library. Sure, there’s the initial big ticket item,but it’s followed by an Xbox Live renewal, a new controller, and followed by warranty purchase (That I had to fight for HOURS, to get them to recognize). But, even if you ignore those, I still spent more. You’ll find a comparison down below, but if you’d like to see my list from last year you can find it right here.

I went into 2015 with the goal of spending less on games, earning more in rewards, I also wanted to knock off a couple games from my backlog.

This is my list of games I purchased this year. You’ll see that the OO’s stand for digital games. XX’s stand are for video games, as opposed to accessories or Xbox live renewals.


I did pretty well. Most of the free games are from Games with Gold. Castle Crashers, Child of Light, and Massive Chalice all being free were very pleasant surprises. I’m sure you’ll also notice my state charges sales tax.

My one regret this year was The Witcher 3, I chalk it up to all those game of the year lists. I have The Witcher 2 sitting on my 360 virtually untouched, I hear it’ll be backwards compatible ASPIT. I should have waited to buy The Witcher 3, until after I finished The Witcher 2. But, I suppose if it’s as good as I’ve been hearing, I’m sure I’ll be happy.

This is what I’ve been calling my bottom line. This is what I spent with the credit that I earned subtracted from the total. I’m a little bit disappointed that “what I saved” wasn’t a lot closer to 70%, which was my goal. I would’ve hit it too, if it weren’t for that meddling Witcher 3. But overall I’m still very happy, especially when you take last year’s balance into consideration.


These pictures are what I call my “total cards”. You’ll find nearly all this info elsewhere it’s just a collection to make comparison easier. The one thing you can’t find elsewhere is my total credit that I earned, It’s the blueish color. I’m very happy with the amount of rewards that I earned last year, I reached the goal I had set for myself at the beginning of the year.

That last card is just the differences, it’s just the bigger number subtracted from the smaller. The years are the “winner” and isn’t 100% correct. I debated on whether or not I wanted to include it.


Finally, we have my radar for 2016. You’ll notice Scalebound, it was delayed, I kept it on here until I can clean it up, and add it to the 2017 list. Some of the target prices may seem kinda jarring, but there are a lot of factors involved and nothing is set in stone. I’m willing to explain the prices if asked. I’m not seeing very many gaps to focus on old games, it’s something I’ll just have to deal with as the year goes on.


So there we have it. Anything interesting jump out at ya? Feel free to ask questions or leave comments below.