This is the first year I've kept track of my purchases and credits like this. I'm happy with the format so I'll be keeping it for 2015.

I DID however struggle to get the format to translate over to Kinja properly. In Excel, my credit is next my purchases. My Radar would normally be found just below my purchases.

I THINK the percentages are all correct. Feel free to point mistakes or ask questions. FYI the media remote and charger was a gift card and account credit situation.

XX indicates a game. OO indicates a digital game.


The biggest surprise to me is that I got 30 games this year.


I get credit from both Bing rewards and Xbox rewards. As you can see, I wasn't really taking advantage of Bing rewards on the first half of the year. I also took advantage of the discounts on Microsoft credit.


This is my radar for 2015

The prices on the left are my "target price" or what I'm willing to pay, some of the right side prices are guesses. My target prices obviously aren't set in stone they often time fluctuate depending on information.


So that's that, I look forward to comparing 2014 with 2015. I plan on earning more rewards, and spending less on big purchases. I really had fun putting this together,

Feel free to post your lists!